Joe Giacoio

As a young child in the Bronx, Joe Giacoio was abandoned in a music store and raised by a pack of acoustic guitars. This explains a lot.

Joe has won awards for his strange guitar playing and even stranger songwriting. Crossroads magazine writes: “Some people seem to have the ability to create music that is at the same time funny, serious, and incredibly clever. Joe Giacoio is one of those people. “

Songs about post-apocalyptic nostalgia and the existential crisis’s of super-heroes are accompanied by “guitar ninja” heroics reminiscent of Preston Reed and Michael Hedges. Joe has often been featured on the “Guitar Gods and Goddesses” stage at the Falcon Ridge Folk festival.

Songwriting awards include:
– Great American Song Contest – First Prize: Lyrics Category, (2006)
– Plowshares Songwriting Finalist, Pennsylvania (2006, 2003)
– South Florida Songwriting Contest Finalist(2004 and 2001)
– Avalon Emerging Songwriter Contest Finalist, Virginia (2003)
– – Songwriters Showcase at the New Jersey Folk Festival (1998)
– Washington DC MACFUMP (Mid-Atlantic Coalition of Folk Music Presenters) New Talent Showcase (1996)
– Just Plain Folks Honorable Mention
– Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Honorable Mention

Joe performs concerts at venues up and down the East Coast. He also gives lectures on guitar technique and guitar history, bringing with him vintage Martin flattops and Gibson arch-tops, Harp guitars, National steel-bodied guitars, and Dobro and Weissenborn lap steels.

Joe’s national TV debut was on the long running “Up All Night with Rhonda Shear” on the USA Network. The show was cancelled the next week. Joe has also been featured on the nationally syndicated Dr Demento radio show, which so far is still on the air.

A former Ph.D. student in Hearing Science, Joe’s new CD, “I Sing the Body Acoustic”, was recorded live as a trio in front of the Jecklin Disk stereo microphone array. The result is audiophile sound quality and the energy of a live performance. The trio consists of Joe, Greg Anderson (of “Whirligig”) on guitar/bass/bouzouki, and Sarah Milanovich and Lisa Gutkin alternating on fiddle.

Joe’s debut CD is entitled “Superman’s Midlife Crisis”. The album features backing vocals by Richard Shindell and Susan McKeown, and instrumentation from Jeff Berman and Lindsey Homer, of “The Chanting House”.

He is a not just a member, but the President of the Chest Hair Club for Men and also belongs to the Difficult Last Name Club.